Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Kausani post

Info: Written at Kiran Ji's cafe in Kausani on a stormy evening...

The rain God beckons me,
a sonnet for seasons,
the reason rhymes,
quiet self turns a goblet, waiting..

terse verse, sans self,
just "being" in waiting,
my goblet sparkles,
the music of heavens, completes a measure

If you were here,
would we live this day?
Wouldn't we tear our selves apart ,
and be one?

perhaps a salsa or a tango?
my cup is full...


catch22 said...

hi...am not too much of a poet but just wanted to know about kiranji's cafe as we are planning to visit kausani

rakesh mawa said...

Kiranji's cafe is located at the bend near krishna hotel (or some similar monstrosity!). It is the place which has the internet connection and a nice terrace view point overlooking the garud valley. The cafe is at the upper bazar right where the stairs connecting the lower and upper bazar end.
Once you come back from Kausani, you too will be a poet(ess).