Saturday, May 12, 2007

gender of courage!

An old rejoinder....

The first one is the "gender of courage", which you think is more female since (true courage is) wisdom, by definition means the strength to “give and nurture”. About the origin of this strength:
We need wise men with their sad tales when the collective wisdom of our contemporary wisdom fails to answer the tricky questions or we run into an entirely new mode of thought or a new viewpoint. We become wiser when events force us to think outside the neat box of our prevalent kitty of notions, be it a 9/11 or the news of the new age Buddha. Wisdom, in its essence, lies in assimilation without destruction of any of the elements. I guess, in many cases, it is not possible and a churn happens to destroy parts of old thoughts/practices. Sounds pretty Darwinian, but this is what is affected by wisdom. I often go to Mehrauli (Near Qutab Minar, in Delhi) area and look at the magnificent Quwat-ul-islam mosque, it is a beautiful open courtyard mosque built out of pillars plundered from temples in the Rai Pithora fort, you can easy see the plunder that must have gone in to building this, now, a national landmark! Wisdom is in its preservation, it is the symbol of our nation of diversity and assimilation. Of multiple failures and successes, of having fallen so many times to tyrants, yet assimilating these tyrants into our own folds, who knows which one of us may build a Taj Mahal.

Secondly, defining wisdom as a handmaid of altruistic nurturing of diversity may be bit limited in its definition. I think there is a genuine attempt to search for the “truth” in various areas of thought and “purpose” in human affairs that makes our wise men suffer, perhaps, consequently making them write sad little tales! (see my sad little tale at ) The classic example is the ages old problem of “ultimate purpose of human life”? Simply put: do we as individuals have a purpose in life besides leaving maximum replicas of ourselves?? In absence of an answer to this vital question, the human condition is pretty “nauseating”: to use an apt existential term.

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